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Cody York is a self-taught, professional photographer whose commercial, editorial, advertisement, and action sports work has been featured in dozens of internationally recognized publications and ad campaigns. Cody’s focus is on technical proficiency, creative lighting, and innovative concepts. A partial list of clients Cody has worked with includes; ESPN, NBC, Red Bull, Monster Energy, Sports Illustrated, New York Times, MTV, AOL, Destination Cleveland, Ohio and Cleveland Magazines.

Inspired by his father's passion for photography, Cody picked up a camera at age 15 and began shooting film to document his travels and enthusiasm for riding BMX. He proved to be a fast learner, and as he sharpened his skills, started submitting photos to BMX magazines.

By 2005, BMX Plus! was so impressed with his photography that they offered him an assistant editor position in California. There, Cody worked tirelessly, traveled extensively, and caught the attention of ESPN Action Sports, who brought him aboard in 2007 as the founding BMX content editor of their year-round action sports site. For four years, Cody shot, wrote, traveled, and produced exclusive stories for ESPN. He also managed, edited, and sourced photo and video content.

In 2011, Cody made the decision to work as a full-time freelance photographer, with a broader focus that includes more commercial, editorial, and advertisement work. In addition, he's done PR for the orchestral indie-rock band Cloud Cult and become a close, personal friend of the band.

Cody currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. When he’s not busy on assignments, he loves shooting landscape photos. Some of his landscape photos are available for purchase on Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Walmart and Art.com. He travels as much as he can and is available for work worldwide.

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